Attention Dentists, Doctors, and Chiropractors...

"How To Get More High Value Patients With A Book You Can Write And Publish In A Month"

Imagine This: You’re THE Local Authority in Your Field, With High-Value Patients Lined Up to See You - “The Expert Who Wrote The Book.”

I discovered the secrets of effortlessly writing and publishing a book in a month - And You Can Too!

"Without your process it would have taken me 3 years to write this book. I know this, because my last book took 3 years to get to the final editing phase, whereas this new book took 1.5 month from idea inception to final editing phase."

Lova K.

Founder, Why Not 3

"The step by step guidance Seth's process provides is pure gold. I intended to write a book but never executed in the past. Now I knew exactly HOW to start and had a rough draft in a few days. The whole process from initial idea to finished book took me a little over a month (with time off for the holidays)." 

Niklas B.

Managing Director, Fremont Digital

Meet Seth H. Evans, M.D.
#1 Bestselling Author and Practicing Physician

I’m Dr. Seth Evans, a practicing ENT physician in the Austin, Texas area. I’m also the author of two books: The Sinus Solution (2017) and the #1 bestselling Migraine Reset (2019).

Do you feel like every day in your practice is a struggle to keep your head above water? There’s a lot of doom and gloom talk in the health care world these days. Your practice expenses keep rising every year, while reimbursements stay flat or go down. 

To keep your income the same, you have to keep working harder and harder. You’ve always had competitors, but more and more, you’re up against big corporate players with built-in referral networks and marketing budgets that vastly outweigh your own.

Sometimes it might seem tempting to just give up and start collecting a paycheck from a big health system or corporate practice (and lose all your autonomy in the process).

Here’s Why You're Losing Out

On The Best Patients

You’re seen as interchangeable. In the eyes of your prospective patients and referring doctors, there is absolutely nothing to differentiate you from any of your regional competitors.

Sure, you can try to advertise, bring lunch for your referring docs, and get a website built for your practice. But every single one of your competitors are out doing exactly these same things. You’re “just another dentist,” “just another chiropractor,” or “just another X specialist.” You are one of many interchangeable pieces, no different than the others.

Prospective patients go to whoever is closest to them, the cheapest option, or the guy their coworker or relative saw.  

If they do end up in your office, there is a lot less trust for health professionals than there used to be. A lot of the time, potentially high value patients will leave for a second opinion or just flake and never come back for treatment at all.

Your referring doctors mostly just send patients to the same old person they’ve referred to for the past 30 years, despite the Papa Johns you brought them last week.

Sure, you can spend a fortune buying TV and radio ads, billboards, and other advertising. Sometimes this even works, but it is VERY expensive and risky. And more and more these days, you’re trying to outspend big corporate practices with essentially unlimited resources and funding.

It’s no wonder that you hear the words “private practice is dying.” And even if it’s not dying, it can certainly be a grind.

I am here now to tell you the great news that private practice is NOT dead. It is still quite possible for you to have an amazingly rewarding career while keeping 100% control of your own practice. You just have to stop doing the same things that everyone else is doing, and transform yourself and your practice into a category of one.

There is one thing you can do that will instantly transform you from interchangeable commodity to trusted authority. 

Overnight, it will convert your practice from “just another X doctor” to a powerful magnet for the high value patients you want (not just any old patients). You will be an N of 1.

What is this one thing?

Write and Publish Your Own Book

Now, I can already hear the objections from your side of the computer screen. But please suspend your disbelief for a few minutes and hear me out. We’ll get to the HOW a little further along, and you’ll be shocked at how easily and quickly you (or anyone) can write and publish a book with the right step-by-step system.

But first, I want you to think about what it means to be the author of a book. Almost by definition, the author of a book is considered to be a true expert on that topic.

How do we communicate that someone is an expert authority? We say “she wrote the book on it.”

Imagine if you heard that one of your friends or colleagues wrote and published a book. What would you think? I feel confident that you would be very impressed and your opinion of that person would go up significantly.

Now imagine you are the author of a book that shares your expert knowledge. What do you think that prospective patients, referring docs, and everyone else will think about you? 

That’s right: they’re all going to be just as impressed with you, and in an instant you become THE local expert authority on your topic. The only people who are not going to be happy with you are your competitors, stuck back in interchangeable commodity purgatory!

After you have a published book, your patients stop going to your competition for second opinions. Now, your competitor’s patients come to you (the local authority) for a second opinion.   

Give a copy of your book to all your high value patients, and watch as the percentage of patients who follow through with your treatment plan shoots upward. Using this tactic alone (which takes zero effort on my part), I’ve calculated that my practice has earned over $10,000 per month in additional revenue since my first book was published. 

Start Becoming an Authority Today!

Another Big Problem: I HATE WRITING!

I never thought in a million years that I would write a book. I realized immediately that sitting in front of a blank computer screen was not the answer. I started looking for other ways.


I learned quickly that there are specialists out there called ghostwriters. A ghostwriter is basically someone else who interviews you through a series of calls or meetings and then writes the book for you. After they’re done, you put your name on the book as the author.


I started researching these ghostwriting services. I read through their webpages and started comparing prices. And I quickly had a huge amount of sticker shock!


Ghostwriting services are incredibly expensive. The cheapest option I've been able to find is about $20,000 to write your book, and most of them are over $50,000.

After researching, I spent a lot of time thinking about whether to hire a ghostwriter or not. And while it might still have been a profitable option to hire one, I thought there must be a better way to produce a book. There had to be some middle ground in between sitting in front of a blank computer screen or paying $50,000+ to a ghostwriter.

So I put my researcher hat back on and got to work. Finally, after digging through various sources on the internet, a number of marketing training programs, and pulling scraps of information from all of these areas, I figured out the secret.

I Asked Myself The Question:
“How Can I Make This Easy?”

After enough time and pulling enough pieces together, I had a system. This system allows me to write a book in a few days without actually having to write anything. For a guy like me who hates writing, I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Once I nailed down my system, I set out to write my own book. And 10 days later, I had produced a complete, edited, written book called The Sinus Solution: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Permanent Relief From Chronic Sinusitis.

Shortly after this, I published the book for sale on Amazon. 

​What Did It Feel Like
When I Hit That Publish Button?

Well, I immediately felt a huge rush of relief and satisfaction. Even though I used a very efficient system and it only took 10 days, it was still a lot of work. But I felt confident I had produced something worthy of my patients and my own reputation.

At the same time, there was a little icy finger of doubt poking me in the side. Publishing a book definitely thrust me out on the public stage much more than I was used to. What would people think? Would I get criticized as an attention whore, and would people say that my book sucked? Would my mean old English teacher from 8th grade mail me a copy all marked up with red ink and a failing grade?

Obviously, all these fears proved to be ridiculous. In fact, people are blown away when you write a book. After both of my books came out, I had random medical school classmates and people from high school congratulating me on Facebook and sharing my Amazon book page. The reception and feedback has been literally 100% positive.

What Were The Results
For My Medical Practice?

First of all, I didn’t even market my sinus book that much. I didn't do any kind of launch campaign. I didn’t (and still don’t) make any effort to sell the book. Mainly I just give it to candidates for the balloon sinus procedure, and I also put it up on my website and in a display in my waiting room. It’s always a similar situation when I hand the book to one of my patients. They glance quickly at it, and then they do a double-take and their eyes widen a little bit. A lot of times, they say “whoa, you wrote a book?”

Just by doing these simple things (that take zero effort), I've calculated that my practice has earned about $10,800 per month in extra revenue since my first book was published in July 2017 (on average, 1.5 additional sinus procedures per month).


The reason is this: I’ve seen a huge improvement in the percentage of candidates who follow through and have the sinus procedure.

There are now many fewer patients who seek another opinion or never follow up with me. The book educates my sinus patients and builds trust with them. It also helps to relieve doubts in the minds of their spouses and other family members who may not have been at their appointment. “He wrote the book on it” pretty much shuts down any objections.

At the same time, I've been able to keep my patient volume quite reasonable. I'm not stuck working 12 hours every day (or ever). I'm able to see my family and have time to relax for myself. Also, there's just a great sense of accomplishment. My wife is able to stay at home with our baby daughter, and I'm able to see my little girl every day, not just on the weekends or late at night after a long workday.

Is This For You?

No matter what type of health professional you are, a book can radically transform your practice. Dentist, chiropractor, physician, physical therapist, speech therapist, it doesn’t matter! Whatever specialty you practice does not matter. Your ideal patient is hungry for the information in your brain, and they will seek you out once they see your book and become aware of your expertise.

You're probably thinking that you either need to enjoy writing or be a good writer to write a book. I promise you- I am neither of these. I don't enjoy writing, and I don't feel like I'm really a very good writer. I can write things that make sense and are grammatically correct, but I don't think anyone would really enjoy reading them. But, even so, I was able to write multiple books, and it transformed my practice for the better.

You're also probably thinking that writing a book takes months or years of hard work. Again, I can tell you I've done it (twice!) using this system, and both of my books took me less than two weeks to write, edit, and publish. And I've heard no complaints from any of my patients or any of my readers about the quality of those books.


And finally, you might be thinking that you're not an expert, and you don’t have any knowledge that is worthy of a book. And it makes sense that you might think that. Most of the times when doctors write books, they're professors in a medical, dental, or other professional school, and they're writing books to teach other health professionals on obscure topics or complicated matters.


In this case, you're not writing a book for other doctors, dentists, or chiropractors- you're writing a book for your patients. Don’t forget that every single day you go to work in your practice, your patients are coming in to pay you their hard-earned money for your expertise. So, you are absolutely an expert compared to a regular person off the street or one of your patients, and that's who this book is for. Your book is going to help them tremendously, and it’s going to make you a rock star in their eyes.

Let Me Ask You A Question:
Do You Have Time To Figure Out
All The Details By Yourself?

I know that you want to transform your practice into a magnet for high value patients and transform yourself into the trusted authority in your area. I doubt you would have read this far otherwise.

At the same time, I know you're probably like me. You're damn busy! You work hard in your practice, and what time is leftover you want to spend with your loved ones.


This is why most busy, successful people like you and me hire ghostwriters to write our books for us. But as we know, ghostwriters are incredibly expensive. You're looking at a minimum of $20,000, and that's for a cheap ghostwriter (i.e. you get what you pay for).

The good ones are probably going to cost at least $50,000, if not over $100,000. And even with a ghostwriter, you're going to spend many hours on the phone with them over a period of 3-12 months. 

It is quite possible that you would spend more of your personal time working with your ghostwriter than the time you need to write your book on your own using my system. It will definitely cost a whole lot more of your money to use a ghostwriter.

But here's the thing: paying $50,000 or more to a ghostwriter actually makes good financial sense, if you don't know of any other way to get your book out of your head and onto paper. For my first book The Sinus Solution, I would have made back that investment of $50,000 in less than five months with the increased procedure volume.

But what if there was a reasonable option between staring at a blank screen on your computer and paying $50,000 or more to a ghostwriter?

What If There Was...

A step-by-step system that takes you from absolutely nothing, not even an idea of what your book will be about, to a published paperback book on Amazon in 30 days or less

This system costs a tiny fraction of what you would spend for a ghostwriter

It requires only an hour or two of your time each day

No extra knowledge required except for basic computer skills and the ability to follow simple directions

Introducing the Book in 30 Days Training Course.

I’ve been hard at work in my mad scientist lab creating this premium training program for you. This course is the absolute best, fastest, and most cost-effective way to get knowledge out of your head and into your published book. It is the culmination of all of my research, all of my trial and error, and all of my efforts over the past two to three years. I know of no better way to do it than this.

Start Becoming an Authority Today!

Here's What You Get With The Training: 

The Eight Module Book in 30 Days Master Class

($12,500 Value)

This online video training course provides you with every single step and detail, from nothing at all to a published paperback and Kindle book on Amazon. The course is available 24/7, 365 days a year on a secure membership site.

If you buy this course, you don't have to think, research, or make any decisions on how to go about creating your book. All you have to do is follow the steps, and every single thing is accounted for. If you do that, you will have your book done within 30 days, guaranteed.

There are really only two ways to fail. The first is if you become medically incapacitated. If you get hit by a truck and you're in the ICU, you won't be able to finish in 30 days.

The other way you can fail is if you quit. But honestly, it's really not that hard for you to finish your book in 30 days, even if you take some days off. If you put forth a reasonable amount of effort for several hours every day, you can be done with your book in two weeks, start to finish. If you bust your butt, it can be done in a week or less. 

Both of my published books took me about 10 days to fully create and publish on Amazon, and it was not that hard.

Here’s What Is Included In The Master Class:

Module One: Decide What Your Book Is About 

(1-2 hours to complete)

The real secret to picking a book topic that will fascinate - almost   everyone gets this wrong!

No more guesswork: you’ll find out exactly how to determine your ideal patients, and give them what they want

You’ll discover the only two things your book has to accomplish

Module Two: Outline Your Book 

(1-2 hours to complete)

You’ll learn the unique way I make an outline - the truly lazy way to outline an entire book in an hour or so

It works so well, you’ll swear it must be magic!

Discover how to make your outline a powerful tool that is purposefully designed for immediate use

Module Three: Start Your First Draft 

(2 hours to complete)

Producing your entire book draft in 2 hours is possible - but only when you know the secret revealed in this training

You’ll learn the biggest mistake you can make in creating your first draft (that I made!), and how you can easily avoid this pitfall

Here’s the perfect mental framework to allow your knowledge to pour right out of you in no time flat

Module Four: Finalize Your First Draft 

(1 hour to complete)

Yes, it really only takes an hour. It’s so easy that a little kid could do it

How to leverage modern technology to do the grunt work so you don't have to

Go to bed and wake up the next morning with a typo-free written draft waiting in your inbox

Module Five: Edit Your Book 

(14 days to complete)

Revealed: Why most first-time authors focus on the wrong goal and take FOREVER to edit, and what you need to do instead

Discover a little-known free tool that does the heavy lifting of editing for you automatically

And even if the prospect of editing makes you run away screaming, I’ll teach you exactly how to find an expert to do it all for you (for a tiny fraction of the cost of a ghostwriter)

Module Six: Pick The Perfect Title 

(1 hour to complete)

You’ll find out the two essential jobs of a good book title

Here’s a sneaky little trick you can use to get a perfect title in a matter of minutes

Learn the best way to format your title that optimizes your book cover design and your Amazon listing

Module Seven: Get a Professionally-Designed

Book Cover For Next To Nothing 

(2 hours to complete)

You’ll discover how to get your self-published book looking better than traditionally-published books with $10,000+ design teams

Here’s exactly what you need to get an amazing cover design: no worry or decision-making required

The secret to your back cover description that many authors get wrong. This often overlooked idea will certainly get more prospective patients opening up your book instead of tossing it in the trash

Module Eight: Publish Your Book 

(1 hour to complete)

I’ll walk you through every step of publishing your book on Amazon (in paperback and Kindle formats)

Revealed: the “cheat code” to setting your book up for #1 bestseller status

How to get a required part of the publishing process (assigning your book's ISBN number) done for free instead of paying over $150

Start Becoming an Authority Today!

And You're Not Just Getting The Master Class...
You Are Also Getting 7 Free Bonuses!

Bonus #1: My Personal Toolkit

($497 Value)

You'll get checklists and worksheets for every module in the course, including an ideal patient analysis worksheet. You'll also get all my templates for hiring others to do the heavy lifting for you. Just fill in the blanks with your information and send it. How much is your time worth? 

Bonus #2: Case Studies

 ($497 Value)

I'll provide you with copies of my two books: The Sinus Solution and Migraine Reset. You'll get the transcripts of the rough drafts for each book, and you'll see the finished PDF of each book. These examples will give you insight of how the process works in real life, so you will have peace of mind that you’re on the right track with your book.

Bonus #3: Editing Cheat Sheet  

($297 Value)

Editing your rough draft can easily take you down a rabbit hole that you’ll never escape. This editing cheat sheet gives you a variety of simple tips and fixes to quickly take your book from sloppy rough draft to edited masterpiece. If you decide to hire an online editor instead, the editing cheat sheet can be used to help give instructions to your editor on the style you want. You won’t have to waste your time researching grammar rules and style manuals.

Bonus #4: Mindset and Accountability Module

($997 Value)

This training will help ensure that you follow through and finish your book. If you're like me, you don't necessarily like writing, and writing a book might sound like a Herculean task. This bonus module will get your mind straight and laser-focused at the beginning. It will also show you an accountability system to make sure that you follow through and don't give up if the going gets tough.

Bonus #5: Private Facebook Group  

($497 Value)

In this group, you'll be able to network and interact with other authors like yourself. During your book writing process, you can get support and your questions answered from me and from other authors in our community. If you choose, you can pay it forward and help others once you are an old pro at book authoring.

Bonus #6: Rocket Launch Plan  

($4,997 Value)

The Book in 30 Days course shows you how to become a published author. But with my most valuable bonus, the Rocket Launch Plan, you’re going to become a #1 bestselling author! This extra training shows you exactly how to engineer your book into the number one best seller in your category on Amazon. This top secret technique is something that I learned through a lot of painstaking research. Ghostwriters and publishers charge $10,000 minimum (usually much more) to do this for you. With this free bonus, every one of you can become a number one best selling author. It's actually quite simple to do if you know the right way.

It’s so simple that even someone who hates writing like me could do it: 

To be honest, I was originally planning to sell the Rocket Launch Plan separately for a pretty hefty price. But I really want the Book in 30 Days course to be the absolute best product in the world for self-publishing, so I decided to throw it in as a free bonus for you.

Bonus #7: Lifetime Access

($Priceless Value)

Even if the price for the program goes up in the future (which it will), you'll be grandfathered into the program as long as it exists. You could write and publish another book, or another 10 or 20 books using the same system. You could come back in a few years and access the latest edition of the training to write your next book. Each one of your books will be working for you and your practice 24/7/365 for the rest of your career.

Let’s Recap the Total Package


Book in 30 Days Online Master Class



Bonus #1: My Personal Toolkit



Bonus #2: Case Studies 



Bonus #3: Editing Cheat Sheet 



Bonus #4: Mindset and Accountability Module 



Bonus #5: Private Facebook Group 



Bonus #6: Rocket Launch Plan 



Bonus #7: Lifetime Access



Total Value 



The good news for you is that the price of the Book in 30 Days Course and all the bonuses is much less than $20,282, even though that number is a very conservative estimate of the value you’ll get from having your own published book.

For the 8 modules of the course and all the bonuses, the cost to you is...


Ask yourself: how many high value patients does your book need to magnetically draw into your practice to make back an investment of $2,997? All of us have high-reimbursing treatments and procedures in our arsenal. Whatever field you practice, I’m guessing there’s at least a few treatments you provide that earn you at least $2,997 in lifetime value per patient.

If your book nets you just one or two patients who would not have otherwise found you or followed your recommendation, your entire investment in the Book in 30 Days program is earned back. And after that, it’s all profit for the rest of your career. Just one book can easily earn you over $1 million over the next 10, 20, or 30 years.

My first book The Sinus Solution has earned my practice an average of $10,800 per month in increased sinus procedure volume since it was published in July, 2017. If I had purchased the Book in 30 Days training to produce my book, that investment would have been paid back in less than 4 days.

I’m not an investment advisor, but c’mon! You’re not going to find a better ROI than that.

I'm also not an accountant, but I know if I were buying this training to help my practice, I would write off the cost as a business expense. The principal purpose of your book is to be used as a marketing tool for your practice, which is clearly a valid business expense. 

If you pay taxes in the United States, and you write off the cost of this training, you will save an additional 22% to 37% off the price of Book in 30 Days (depending on your income). That's a savings of anywhere from $659 to $1,109 off the price of $2,997!  Obviously, I recommend you talk to your accountant before making any tax decisions.

I should also let you know that the price of $2,997 is a launch special for the training, and it’s not going to last forever. The price WILL go up substantially in the future, so lock in your lifetime access now for this low offer.

Start Becoming an Authority Today!




You Still Might Be Thinking: 
"What If This Doesn't Work Out?"

If for whatever reason, you don’t like the course material or you don’t think it is worth the price, just email me for a prompt 100% refund anytime during the first 30 days after your purchase, no questions asked.

But if you just follow the simple steps of this training course, you’re much more likely to be hitting the publish button on your first book before the 30 day guarantee period is up.

There is absolutely ZERO RISK for you to try this training out.  If Book in 30 Days isn't everything I have promised, then just let me know within 30 days of purchase and you'll get your entire investment back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any extra costs in addition to buying the Book in 30 Days master class and bonuses?

I'll be done in 30 days? You have to be joking.

How much time will it take me?

Can I watch the training anytime?

What kind of book will I end up with?

Can I make my book longer?

So, at this point, you need to make a decision. You can either move forward with the Book in 30 Days training program and transform your practice, or you can keep doing things like you have all along (and probably get the same results).

Your book is waiting to be written. Your patients are thirsting for your knowledge. Your 

practice and your family need you to step up. Now is the time.

P.S. Since you’ve read this far, it’s clear you’re interested in learning how to write your book and transform your practice. There’s only one thing left for you to do...

Start Becoming an Authority Today!